Imapct of Efficacious Internal Controls on Audit Process: Auditors' Perspective
Bagher Shanszadeh, Narges Zolfaghari

This paper aims to identify and determine the impact of effective internal controls on audit process. The research was conducted through a survey of Iranian Audit Organization’s Auditors. The designed questionnaire was sent to respondents after analyzing the reliability and validity. 104 questionnaires were received. Collected questionnaires and formulated hypotheses were analyzed and examined by SPSS and LISREL statistical software. The results obtained from the analysis showed that though the internal controls do not reduce the audit time and cost, but they can reduce incidental auditing during the period. The results also indicate that the effectiveness of internal controls can enhance the quality of audit, and increase the detection of significant errors and distortions. It can also increase the credibility of financial statements.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rcbr.v4n2a8