The Impact and Development of a Mobile Application for Entrepreneurs
Dr. Robin R. Davis

According to Markley and Macke (2002), entrepreneurs that work and live in local communities need entrepreneurial community elements which consist of climate, infrastructure and resource support (such as new business services, mentors, entrepreneurship training, financing etc…) The field of entrepreneurship continues to struggle with the development of a modern theory of entrepreneurship (Gartner, 1988). The theoretical work in the discovery theory focuses on the existence, discovery, and exploitation of opportunities and the influence of individuals and opportunities (Kirzner, 1973 and Shane, 2003). In this research study we will use the discovery theory to study fifty entrepreneurs that are in the early stages or mid-stages of their business models. The researchers will study fifty entrepreneurs; in order to anticipate opportunities that exist in the marketplace that entrepreneurs can target by using creative mobile application(s). Therefore, based upon the research findings the faculty and student researchers will develop a mobile application device that will aid an entrepreneur in growing a business, operating more efficiently and improving the company’s overall profits within the marketplace.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rcbr.v5n1a4