Workshop: Vusiness [Business & Values]
PhD. Carmen Echazarreta Soler, Pd.D; Albert Costa Marcé; Mr. Xavier Altimir Echazarreta

International financial crises have a strong impact on economic activity, destroying thousands of jobs, increasing unemployment and causing a deterioration in social conditions. Globalization is increasing the unbalanced use of non-renewable finite energy resources and is not contributing to the equitable distribution of wealth, but rather generating macroeconomic imbalances. Automation and robotization can involve the massive destruction of jobs. Climate change represents a pressing threat with potentially irreversible effects. These aspects highlight the vulnerability of the current economic system and the need for companies with values: open, democratic, sustainable, inclusive and technologically intelligent companies that inspire the future. Given this situation, this workshop draws together 30 to 50 people to work on and debate companies with values in a participatory, active manner in working groups, with the aim of overcoming myths, prejudices and stereotypes and finding solutions related to different areas of business.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rcbr.v6n2a2