Technological & Psychographic Factors behind the Rise of the Sharing Economy in Developing Nations
Omar Ramzy, Lamiaa Mostafa, Omar H. Eldahan

The sharing economy, often associated with collaborative consumption, takes place over the internet and is empowered by the advancements in smart mobile phones and technology. The reviewed literature revealed the main factors driving users to participate in the sharing economy. A survey was conducted to particularly explore the motives of Egyptian people participating in this concept. In this thesis, a framework on the factors associated with consumers? willingness to participate in the collaborative consumption model was developed and tested. In the study, users of car-sharing services in Egypt are surveyed. The results showed that customers? willingness to practice collaborative consumption activities is strongly associated with trust. Cost savings and digital capabilities were found to be essential in driving consumers towards this model of consumption. Environmental concerns were significantly less associated with users „desire to choose a sharing option. Age had no moderating influence on the variables of the study. Finally, the findings from this research could help mangers involved in the management of sharing services across different industries to acquire insights into the factors driving collaborative consumption usage.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rcbr.v8n1a3